Formed from the ashes of prog metal band Core Project, Sky Empire combines raw technical ability with captivating story-telling and emotional energy.

Sky Empire's debut album, The Dark Tower, comprises punchy, prominent guitars in metal tracks such as Marionette, alongside the synth-driven epic Sorcerer's Apprentice, into the title track finale, The Dark Tower, transporting the listener into a fantastical world.

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The Band

Sky Empire are a British Heavy Progressive band formed in London in 2016. The members of the band are: 

Drazic Lecutier - Guitars

Tom Hobson -  Keyboards

Jordan Ivanov - Vocals

Remi Jalabert - Drums

TBC -  Bass

Sound, Style and Influences

Sonically the band straddle modern rock and metal interchanging between the two frequently, sometimes within the same song though, even during the band’s heavier passages, their music can accurately be described as melodic. 

Musical inspiration ranges from classic progressive, heavy rock and metal bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Yes, Rush and Journey through to modern progressive and metal bands such as Pantera, Dream Theater and Symphony X. 

The sound is guitar driven and in large part the band’s heaviness can be attributed to the playing style of guitarist Drazic Lecutier, also the band’s primary songwriter. Growing up, Lecutier was greatly influenced by the late great Dimebag Darrell particularly his heavy yet melodic riffing. Lecutier continued to develop the heavy melodicism in his playing, eventually placing it into a progressive framework and thus forming the basis of Sky Empire’s Heavy Progressive sound. 

The tenet of heavy melodicism is supported in the vocal stylings of Jordan Ivanov, the band’s singer, whose wide vocal range and movement between ballad-like moments to more aggressive passages demonstrates the breadth of his influences including Steve Perry, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Russell Allan. 

Tom Hobson, a classically trained pianist, is a virtuoso keyboardist who utilises the sound of different instrumentation to augment the intrinsically heavy sound of Sky Empire, in a similar vain to Symphony X and reminiscent of Dream Theater’s heavier work. Hobson’s style is influenced from melodic metal such as Stratovarius, Warmen, Firewind and progressive bands such as Opeth and Adagio.